ElastoDB Sequence Browser

organism phylogeny


ElastoDB stores elastin sequences from various vertebrate organisms. To view these sequences:

  1. Select organism(s) whose sequence you wish to view (click on the phylogenetic class to expand the menu).
  2. Choose physical properties to compare with by selecting from the 'Properties' scrolldown menu and setting the max/min parameters (one for hydrophobic domains and one for cross-linking domains). Otherwise, use the default selections.
  3. Specify any additional settings for exon range, and common motifs (optional), or use default settings.
  4. Click on View to display the sequence(s). Reset will restore all defaults.
The ensuing display will show the sequence(s) with exons represented by colour-coded shapes that correspond to their physical properties.

Organism(s): select one or more organisms

+ Bird
+ Bony Fish
+ Amphibian
+ Mammal
+ Jawless Fish