Bacteriome.org is a database integrating physical (protein-protein) and functional interactions within the context of an E. coli knowledge base.

Cell4D is a novel stochastic simulation environment that is capable of modeling diverse biochemical phenomena including signal transduction pathways, metabolic pathways, and intracellular calcium signaling.

SubSeqer is a webtool aimed at uncovering meaningful sequence motifs in low complexity protein sequences. It uses a novel subsequence visualization method to build motifs by identifying relationships between small subsequences within the larger sequence.

PhyloPro is a database and accompanying web-based application for the construction and exploration of phylogenetic profiles across the Eukarya.

The MetaPro Meta Transcriptomics/Genomics Pipeline is a software tool that will perform Transcriptomics and Genomic analysis on Paired and Single Reads of FASTQ data.

HyperScape is a novel hypergraph implementation that better captures hierarchical structures, using components of elastic fibers and chromatin modification as models.

PopNet is an analysis and visualization tool for population genetics. PopNetD3 allows for the simple, streamlined analysis of your population of interest without the hassle of Linux, programming, or external packages.

Pipeline for automatic metabolic model reconstruction using an ensemble method for enzyme annotation.